"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" "A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God." Paramahansa Yogananda

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prosperity Sessions 4/ Intentions

"The Commitment" Collage on poster board, 22.5x15, $125

Nov.13, 2010
"The Divine is all in all. All that the Divine has is ours because
we and the Kingdom of the Divine are one. We are one with all in
all. Now that's prosperity."

Nov.14, 2010

I have asked the participants of the prosperity sessions to give me
their intentions, one each, to be taken into the healing sessions.
Intentions are powerful. I have written so many of them and put
them away and looked at them a year later to find that 80% of them
manifested. They are our instructions, our guide to our Higher Selves.
Writing them, handing them over, is ritual as we put our deepest
desires on the altar.

In a group healing session like this the intentions become group
intentions. Of course, if for some reason they are not a fit for a person,
not to worry, their Higher Self knows that and all is well. The intentions
are especially potent, of course, for the person that is the source.

Today I am including in this post the intentions. Although I say them in
the sessions exactly as the person gave them to me, here I will list them
in a more generic, less identifiable as to the source of the intention, and as
a group intention. Because these are prosperity sessions I always carry
the intention in that we be fully awakened to the truth of our Divine

The Intentions:
We experience balance in our lives.
We are manifesting a clarity of purpose.
Our hearts are opening and we are feeling more of a respect for others.
Our businesses are successful beyond our wildest dreams.
We are part of a spiritual community where we live.
Our gifts and talents are gaining wider recognition.
We are being blessed for the work we are doing.
We have unlimited health and wealth.
We are experiencing an ever evolving, expanding, prosperous stability.
We engage more thoroughly with our masculine energies to cultivate the
actions we want to take to live more wholly.
We would like this valley to sparkle with prosperity.

As always, if you are interested in being included in the healing sessions
please let me know. They are free.
My email is katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

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