"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" "A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God." Paramahansa Yogananda

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

More quotes from Prosperity Sessions

"Angel", Drawing on paper, charcoal, conte, gouache,
SOLD, Giclee prints available.

September 20, 2011
By releasing all attachment to our tales of woe we
clear the way for unlimited good to come into our
lives. No matter how righteous the reason for any
other attitude, positive is the way.

September 19, 2011
A momentum of any attitude/feeling creates reality.
Ask Divine Omniscience to help in getting to a higher
vibration. Everything in manifest reality is made up
of energy. Like energy attracts like energy.

September 16, 2011
Not my strength, Thy strength. We are never on our
own carrying any burden. Hand it over and let Grace
take care of anything that needs handling.

September 15, 2011
I am intending to feel fulfilled, prosperous, healthy,
and loved. Divine guidance is showing me the way.
I am listening.

September 14, 2011
There is an entire emporium of feelings out there,
that doesn't mean we have to buy them all. We
have choice. Dial it up a notch whenever possible.

September 13, 2011
Hand all challenges, confusions, and decisions over
to Divine Omniscience and listen. It is up to God to
get through with the most graceful, harmonious

September 12, 2011
Change is a given in this dream we are living. Divine
Truth is the unchanging, all loving, all knowing,
guiding anchor in the sea of change.

September 9, 2011
Go deeper. Ask 'what voice in me is yearning to speak?'
Sometimes life is rolling along and we don't pay attention
to the yearnings that are getting buried. Dig for the gold!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thought, Attitude and Word Gardening

"Bird Woman", Oil on canvas, 60x48, Collection of artist

September 8, 2011
"Words are seeds when planted in consciousness. It is
productive to communicate in a positive way to yourself
and others. Plant word flowers not word weeds."

September 6, 2011
"The paradox of wanting something badly is that you
must release the wanting to get it. Want is lack. Desire,
intend, assume, release is the formula. Vibrate as if."

September 2, 2011
"Let go. Allow the Divine to surprise and amaze you.
It will."

September 1, 2011
"Try this and see how your day goes. Take your sparkle
attitude up one notch. Be present for the feeling. Then
listen to the stillness. Try to stay with it all day. If you
wander, which you will bring your attention back."

August 31, 2011
"As we awaken to the Truth of who we are, we
awaken for all. The entire collective consciousness
makes a shift when one person makes a shift
toward Truth."

August 30, 2011
"Divine truth is the only altar to worship at, the altar is
Harmony, Grace, Prosperity & Well Being. We are taught
that caring is giving attention to disharmony."

August 29, 2011
"All manifest reality is made of energy. Quantum physics
has proven that perception changes matter. Knowing
this we can change reality with our love and positivity."

August 26, 2011
"As we release control and surrender to Divine Love, the
doorway to unlimited possibility flies open.Sparkle my
dear friends."

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Intentions

Covenant IV, 60"x48", In Collection of John and Pamela Langley

The following are the lovely intentions of the prosperity
group for September. I have left out some repetitions.
As always the intentions come from the individuals
involved but work on the group as a whole.

I accept and am manifesting prosperity,creativity,
strength and physical and mental well-being.
I am awakening as a self-realized being.
I bring more flexibility, calm and power into my
body, mind and spirit.
I am open to the love that is God that is within me.
I am manifesting the perfect new job.
I am manifesting financial security.
I am manifesting prosperity, creativity and physical
well-being beyond my wildest imaginings. Life is fun!!!
My relationship to my spirituality is healing in the
most loving and gentle way possible.
I choose to live through the open space in my heart.
I look for love and find it everywhere.
I want to be in My Tao. I want to go gracefully with
the flow of my life.
I experience harmony with those around me.
I experience forward progress in regards to love
I experience clarity and trust in the unfolding of
the unknown, following the crumbs of what opens in
my heart.
I am balanced and remember who I am at my core.
I intend to have a graceful transition into a new
time of clarity of direction.
The only truth of my life is that which is true of
the Divine. Knowing this I manifest the well-being
and prosperity that is the only Truth and the only
I am embracing change fully, in a spirit of celebration.
A new life of contentment is emerging as I heal.
It is my intention to be happy in the present. I will
know what to do when the time is right.
I am more open to listening.
Divine guidance is getting through to my husband
and guiding him in his manifestation of perfect health.
I release him into his well-being and I know all is
well and taken care of.
I am balanced in all areas of my life.