"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" "A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God." Paramahansa Yogananda

Friday, May 27, 2011


"Covenant IV", Collection of R. Marcus

As of late I have been attempting to push myself beyond
my limited perceptions of what is real. It often brings to mind
the scene in 'The Matrix' where Neo has gone to see the Oracle
and he sits on the floor with the child bending the spoon. The
child explains "There is no spoon." I keep telling myself in
challenging situations "There is no spoon". This material
world is a hypnosis that we are all believing.

One of the situations I am watching is the weather. People have
all sorts of reasons for the weather behaving the way it is from
global warming to apocalyptic, end of the world scenarios. I
personally believe it has more to do with the consciousness
created by all of those millions of people sitting watching the
Weather Channel for entertainment. It doesn't matter why
what matters is the consciousness I/we bring to it.

I am keeping myself focused on limitlessness, harmony and
gratitude amidst many reasons for fear or doubt. There is
no spoon, so if I am going to manifest reality I chose a
better one of unlimited possibilities. it is not easy, hardship
is sticky, it wants our attention. Standing up to this pull and
moving into a place of possibilities is one of the most
incredible ways to recreate our lives and build personal power.

Quotes from my prosperity healing sessions.

May 27, 2011
"We shape our realities with beliefs and feelings. We
cannot afford to believe in anything in anything less
than limitless and we need to continuously bring
our feelings back to expectancy and gratitude."

May 26, 2011
"Ask and it is given. How do we ask? Assume fulfillment
and feel as if. It works. Sparkle as if."

May 24, 2011
"All is possible in Divine truth. Any limitation is a fabrication
of collective mind. Let's break out of this agreement and move
into limitless possibility."

May 22, 2011
"We are One with all that is. How prosperous is that?!"

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Request and The Answer are One

"The Undertaking", Collage on posterboard, 22.5x15, $125
If you are interested in purchasing this collage please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

"All that we perceive in this world is existence. Underneath
existence is being, the formless, timeless dimension within
yourself. The sense of lack in so many of us has to do with
our inability to sense the being within us, the "I AM" within,
the primordial sense of beingness.
" Eckart Tolle

I chose this collage because the desert is all about water, and
in this collage I made the sky out of water. What we seek is,
in fact, pervasive through Omnipresence, Omnipotence, and
Omniscience. My meditations have changed this week. I am
realizing for all participants that their requests and the answer
to them are one. It has been feeling very good and I feel a new
boost of confidence in the power of the sessions.

Quotes from Prosperity Sessions:

May 20, 2011
"If we turn every feeling of lack, confusion, disharmony into
a desire or question we can then know the desire and the
fulfillment, the question are One."

May 19, 2011
"When we have a desire/request/prayer it is not some God
out there that fulfills it, or not. Omnipresence means we are
God experiencing God. The request and the answer are one."

May 18, 2011
"We don't HAVE prosperity, well being, love, creativity,
or clarity. We ARE, in Truth, all of these and much more.
Know that this is so and it will be made manifest."

May 17, 2011
"The world would have us believe that our sparkle comes
from our experience. Truth be known it is the other way
around. Sparkle creates reality. Twinkle, twinkle!"

May 16, 2011
"Looking at nature we see nothing but abundance, the
amount of leaves, blades of grass, drops of rain.
Abundance is our Divine nature. Allow for your allowance!"

May 15, 2011
"Not our strength, Divine strength. Not our knowing,
Omniscience. Not our forgiveness, Love's forgiveness.
Turn it all over and harmony, prosperity and freedom

May 12, 2011
"We have only one person's consciousness we are responsible
for, our own, and that is more than enough for us to handle."
Rev. Paula Scott

May 11, 2011
"What would limitless feel like? Sparkle on!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prosperity/ Promises and choices

"The Gathering", Collage, Sold

May 10, 2011
"Just ask and it is given. That is a promise we were made.
The Divine can and will get through to our life experience.
We need to believe that promise and ask."

May 9, 2011
"Divine Grace, being the truth of all that is, is real and
solid. Doubt, fear, and all negativity is smoke, cleared
away by the cleansing breeze of knowing the truth."

May 7, 2011
"We always have the choice as to what we focus on.
What we focus on with feeling for an extended period
of time creates reality. Take the leap to be positive."

May 6, 2011
"Love is All there is, in every aspect of our experience.
We are All connected through Oneness. All is possible.
The truth is that All is perfect now."

May 5, 2011
"As we open to allowing the rays of Divine Grace
to shine upon us we open the gateway to all well
being, forgiveness, prosperity and peace. Shine on
stars of light!"

May 4, 2011
"Yesterday when my partner finished his meditation
I asked him 'Baba Kirby did you reach enlightenment?'.
He said 'I am trying the free trial offer.' Laughter is

May 3, 2011
"A good tool for transforming difficult feelings is to
simply stop the stories attached to the feelings and
be aware of how the feelings are present in your body."

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quotes from Prosperity Sessions

"Poppy Pandemonium", Oil on canvas, 30x40, SOLD

May 2, 2011
"As I sat on the beach basking in the beauty surrounding
me I couldn't help but think what a miracle it is that this
manifest reality exists at all."

May 1, 2011
"Relax and enjoy the magic of the unfolding. Anticipate
wonders, and sparkle. May your glass be full!"

April 22, 2011
"As we send out our intentions with the feeling of already
having them met we create a manifest reality. Remember
we must not look over our shoulders. Let go!"

April 21, 2011
"Our minds masquerade as the god we should worship.
The doorway to the Divine is beyond mind and is found
in a place of stillness, peace and Omniscience."

April 20, 2011
"Well being, prosperity, love, creativity are the Divine
truth of who we are. The more we know and feel this
to be true the more it is made manifest."

April 19,2011
"All answers to all questions to can be found in this
stillness. When we go there and listen we find that
at some point in the day clarity comes.

April 18, 2011
"The Greek root for the word enthusiasm is 'en theos'
meaning 'in God'. Knowing this helps us in finding
our way on this journey. Enthusiasm is the road sign
to follow."

April 17, 2011
"Every step we take in life is guided by Divine
intelligence, omniscience. Our part is to listen, trust,
and follow the inner promptings."

April 16, 2011
"I look out the window this morning and I see buds
on the trees. Life is renewing. What buds are appearing
on our branches? What is about to flower in our

April 15, 2011
"Behind every blade of grass there is an angel urging
it grow, grow." The Talmud

April 14, 2011
"Divine love is love in us and wants to express that
love through us. That is true for everyone everywhere.
Love wants to love us and is bringing it to us now."

April 13, 2011
"Divine love is love in us and wants to express that
love through us. That is true for everyone everywhere.
Love wants to love us and is bringing it to us now."

April 12, 2011
""Being patient does not mean waiting. One can be
patient and present in the now. Life is made up of
now, and in waiting, life can be missed. All
fulfillment is in the now."