"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" "A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God." Paramahansa Yogananda

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Miracle of Being Here

'Secrets', Oil on canvas, 24x18, $700
If you are interested in purchasing this painting please
email me at katherine@katherinetreffinger.com

August 1, 2011
"We could be in constant gratitude for the miracle
that we are here at all. This is the underlying
miracle of all miracles of the manifest experience."

July 23, 2011
"All is well. All there is, is love and well being.
Prosperity is the only truth of the Divine. All in All.
Know this to be true and it is made manifest."

July 22, 2011
"What if we greeted the little occurrences we don't
like with gratitude? Release of our negativity is good
lest it build into a big drama. Choose to be positive."

July 21, 2011
"As I choose more positive thoughts and feelings I
create more positive realities. It is all energy so I
choose higher vibrations."

July 20, 2011
"As I release control and ask for guidance I find
that a life of prosperity, well being, love and harmony
manifests in ways beyond my wildest imaginings."

July 19, 2011
"An affirmation: 'The glory of the Divine is made
manifest in my life now.' Sparkle on!"

July, 18, 2011
There is a flame of Divinity burning brightly within
each one of us. This is the truth of who we are.
Who we see in the mirror is a dream. Ask to see
Divine Truth.

July 15, 2011
"Prayer for me is affirming the Divine Truth in
any given situation, entering Presence, listening
to the Stillness. I ask that the truth be revealed
to me and for guidance."

July 14, 2011
"There is only one time and that is now. Stay with
that truth and enter limitless peace and possibility.
Listen to the stillness in the now and clarity emerges."

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