"If it is only a dream, why is pain so real?" "A dream head struck against a dream wall causes dream pain. A dreamer is not cognizant of the hallucinatory fabric of a dream until he awakens. Similarly, man does not understand the delusory nature of the cosmic dream of creation until he awakens in God." Paramahansa Yogananda

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tara Pfister Minogue with Ava
Photo by husband and father Christopher Jennings (lagrandelife.com)

"Katherine Treffinger is one of the most powerful healers
I have ever met. She has a gift of vision which is completely
unique to her. She sees to the bottom of things in a way which
is unique because of the purity with which she does it. Her
motivations in helping others are completely clean. The heart
of her being is loyal as the lion and pure as the sun, purified by
its own fire. Throughout the time I have known Katherine
she has been a guiding light on my path which assists in bringing
my focus into complete clarity. With Katherine's integrity and
giftedness and my sincere desire to grow, we have formed a
healing alliance which supports me in the merging of the
non-physical and physical parts of my being. This allows my
dreams to become a physical reality. All of my life this has been
my dream and with the assistance of Katherine as witness and
the sharing of her gifts as healer, I am living my dream.

I am writing this testimonial with the intention of conveying the
true value of what Katherine has to offer so that others who are in
need of Katherine's services can receive the true value of what she
has to offer. If you are ready to have your life expanded and your
being transformed in the way of the highest potential, call on

Thank you to Tara, I am so gifted to work with you. I have never
met anyone who had higher consciousness. Tara has zero
resistance to growth. That is an incredible gift for her and for me!

Please check out Tara Pfister-Minogue's new blog Lovestruck Awakenings.

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